Descalent Chemicals Cooling Towers

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Aquacool 8003 :

  • Composition /information On Ingredients It Is Balanced Formulation of Sulfamic acid (6%), Hydrochloric acid (5 %) Sodium dichromate (0.5%) and Corrosion inhibitor (0.5%).
  • Hazards Identification Important Hazards - Toxic. Health Hazard - Toxic if swallowed. Causes severe burns in contact with skin. Causes severe irritation on inhalation. Causes severe irritation or burns in contact with eyes.
  • First Aid Measures Inhalation :
    • Inhalation - Move to fresh air. Artificial respiration if required. Seek medical attention.
    • Skin Contact - Wash immediately with plenty of water. Remove all contaminated clothing immediately. Seek medical attention.
    • Eye Contact - Flush with plenty of water. Keep eyelids apart. Seek medical attention.
    • Ingestion - Do not induce vomiting. If conscious then only give 2 -4 cupfuls of water. Seek Medical attention.
  • Physical and Chemical Properties :
    • Form - Liquid
    • Colour - Greenish-Brown
    • PH - 0.5 (250C)
    • Water Solubility - 100 %
    • Odour - Pungent Specific
    • Gravity - 1.12 (250C)
    • Boiling Point - 1090C
  • Stability and Reactivity :
    • Condition to Avoid - Keep away from heat and ignition. Contact with metals may evolve flammable Hydrogen gas.
    • Materials to avoid - Highly reactive with strong bases. Incompatible with materials like cyanides, Sulfides, sulfites and formaldehyde
    • Hazardous decomposition - Thermal oxidative decomposition produces


Type Descalent Chemicals Cooling Towers
Tower Type Induced Draft
Supply Phase Three Phase
Tower Design Counter Flow
Tower Material FRP