RO Antiscalant

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Aquacool 9002 :

  • Composition /information On Ingredients It Is Balanced Formulation of Polyphosphates, Zinc Salt, Sulphuric Acid & Tannin.
  • Hazards Identification Important Hazards - Toxic Health Hazard - Toxic if swallowed Causes irritation on contact with skin Causes severe irritation on inhalation Causes severe irritation in contact with eyes.
  • First Aid Measures Inhalation :
    • Excessive may cause irritation to respiratory tract. Seek medical attention.
    • Skin Contact - Excessive may cause slight irritation. Wash with plenty of soap and water immediately.
    • Eye Contact - Flush with plenty of water. Keep eyelids apart. Seek medical attention.
    • Ingestion - Do not induce vomiting. If conscious then only give 2 -4 cupfuls of water. Seek medical attention.
  • Accidental Release Measures :
    • Personal Precautions - Wear suitable protective equipments
    • Environmental Precautions - Try t prevent the material from entering drains or water
    • Courses Methods for cleaning up - Insolate area Contain and recover liquid when possible, Neutralize with alkaline material (soda ash, lime), then absorb with an inert material and place in a chemical waste container. Do not use combustible materials. Do not flush to sewer. Contact an approved waste hauler for disposal of contaminated recovered material.
  • Physical and Chemical Properties Form :
    • Liquid Colour - Greenish
    • Blue PH - 0.7 (250C)
    • Water Solubility - 100 %
    • Odour - Pungent Phenolic Specific
    • Gravity - 1.12 (250C)
    • Boiling Point - 1260C
  • Stability and Reactivity :
    • Condition to Avoid - Keep away from heat and ignition. Contact with metals may evolve flammable hydrogen gas.
    • Material to Avoid - Highly reactive with strong bases.
    • Hazardous decomposition - Thermal oxidative decomposition produces


Type RO Antiscalant
Color greenish
Water Solubility 100 %
Boiling Point 1260C
Odour Pungent Phenolic Specific
Gravity 1.12 (250C)